How to improve the security of your website ?

Securing your website is a task that falls on all owners. Leaving your platform unsecured can have serious repercussions, especially for large companies. You may lose your customers and see your business drop. Fortunately, there is more than one solution to the problem of cyber attacks that a website can encounter. Here are some measures to take to improve the security of your website.

Opt for a DDoS protection service

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are one of the types of cyber attacks that your website may encounter. To improve the security of your platform, one solution is to choose an anti DDoS service. There are a variety of offers available and these are provided with other useful services. You can view it here and benefit from unparalleled protection against this type of attack. When your website undergoes a DDoS attack, it can dangerously damage the reputation of your company. With an anti DDoS defense mechanism, you can prevent this kind of attack and protect your website effectively.

Vary and change your passwords 

Access to your databases or user accounts is necessarily done by a password. As this data is of great importance, it is advisable to vary your passwords and avoid using the same one for several purposes. You should also refrain from using passwords that can be easily deciphered by hackers. For this purpose, you can use a password generator to obtain complex and secure codes. Despite this precaution, it is also advisable to change your passwords periodically. A password manager can help you with this.
You can also use two-factor authentication for more security. Also remember to limit your login attempts, because even if your password is not disclosed, hackers have advanced tools to find it. With a brute force attack, they will be able to log into your accounts without much difficulty.

Install an SSL certificate

Setting up an SSL certificate on your website will help protect your users' personal data. By doing so, hackers will find it difficult to access sensitive information on the platform. This can be login data or payment information. However, you should know that the SSL certificate offers much more than just increased security for your website. It gives internet users the confidence to browse a secure site rather than an unsecured one. In addition, it will provide you with a good SEO since search engines always rank secure sites at the top.

Perform tests on the website

To perform intrusion tests on your website, you have the option of calling experts. However, you can also perform this task yourself using tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, for example. These various checks will help to identify suspicious activities on your platform. Several actions on a website can lead to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. The sending of an attached file by a user on your database is an example. By performing tests, you can correct vulnerabilities and prevent them from having a disastrous impact on your company's reputation.
There are many solutions you can finally employ to improve the security of your website. For example, you can choose an anti-DDoS service to protect your platform from distributed denial of service attacks. You can also set up an SSL certificate and perform intrusion tests. A basic solution is to periodically change and vary your passwords using a password manager.

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