Chatbot GPT: how can this tech tool be accessed by users ?

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  1. Have an OpenAI account
  2. Proceed with registration 
  3. Account details

Chatbot GPT is a high-tech tool that brings us a lot of facilities and benefits. This tool helps in improving online platforms communication, which can lead to bettering their profits. There are so many things to gain from Chatbot GPT as an individual or a business. Meanwhile, the main thing is how to access this tech tool. And the good news is that accessing Chatbot GPT is the easiest thing ever.

Have an OpenAI account

Accessing Chatbot GPT is one of the easiest things that can be done in just a twinkling of the eyes. All you have to do is to visit Chatbot GPT official site web. Because you need an OpenAI account for this. Likewise, it’s when you access the web site that you will be able to sigh up and create your Chatbot GPT account. There is more to this account, actually. Start by having a smartphone, tablet or PC that has access to the internet.  
Open your device browser and tap in Chatbot GPT account, then press the search button to start the search. You will then be presented different options, among which you select the web site to begin your account creation. You even can simply insert the Chatbot GPT link in your browser to make it quicker. Once the site is opened, press on the sigh up button where you will be redirected to the page where you will provide information concerning you.

Proceed with registration 

Once you access the Chatbot GPT web site, the next step will be that of creating your account. In this line, you will be needing a valid email address to make this work. Though you can also use your google or Microsoft account for this in absence of email account. Aside from the email address, you will be needing a password. The password is to help secure your account in order to avoid any intruder to access your OpenAI account. 
Ensure that the address you are to provide here is really yours and a valid one. There is no room for mistake here, because if your email account is not verified, your Chatbot GPT account will still not be actualized. It’s only when verification is successful that you will be able to get started. A verification message will be sent to your mail box. Open it and click on the link sent for verification. After which that phase will be concluded.

Account details

There is a need for you to know that Chatbot GPT does not have any app till date. That’s why you have to have a browser. Now, there are information you will have to provide even after verification done on your email address. This information is just for you to create your own profile on this platform. The details you have to provide include your names and passwords. The password part is very important in order for you to login to this tool. 
If possible, try to have a note book where you will have to jot down the details you are providing here, especially your passwords. No mistakes must be made here. And don’t be in a hurry to tap your password. Though, there is a possibility to start over from zero, but it’s not advisable you make a mistake with your password or other information provided. Starting over will make you loss all your data on the other account.

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