How to register on an online gaming site

The Internet and new communications technologies have facilitated the proliferation of online betting sites in recent years. In principle, these platforms offer sports and gambling enthusiasts access to a wider range of entertainment and live events from the comfort of their own home, or wherever they happen to be. That said, before you can access these games, you need to follow a few steps. Here’s an easy guide to registering on the gaming platform of your choice. Step 1: Search for a reputable betting site The first crucial step is to choose a reputable and reliable online betting site. To d... Read more

China overtakes the US as the top foreign investment country

China has passed the US as the country with the highest foreign investment last year. The coronavirus has limited the influx of foreign investments into America. China surpasses the US as the top foreign investment destination The United States has been displaced as the top country for investments on a global scale. This figure was released on Sunday by the United Nations commission on foreign investments.  Fresh investments into the US from foreign firms declined by almost half in December. This situation is heavily linked to the negative effect of the coronavirus on the US economy. These lat... Read more